Spread the Love NOW! Group Writing Project

The Three Monks present Spread the Love NOW!

Christmas is a time for giving. Its a time for love, and a time to spread some Christmas loving cheer.

Read on to see how you can participate, have some fun and be in the run to win a prize value of ~US$50, along with some really beautiful stories shared.

All you have to do is to write something on compassion. It could be anything you want,for example your definition of compassion. Still, in the spirit of Christmas, extra points will be awarded if there is a personal touch – because we want to connect in compassion.

Some ideas could be what you have done or will do for someone. Or perhaps the best kindness anyone has ever shown you.


With thanks to The Now Watch, were able to give some christmas gifts to the best story and reaction. Weve got a total of 6 watches to give away, so the top 6 stories will each be sent a watch, as our thanks for sharing.

Why the Now Watch?

This is one of the most important lessons one could ever learn, one that we are glad is slowly spreading across the planet. The vast majority of our unhappiness is caused by dwelling in the past, or trying to anticipate the future.

Most of our mental suffering is caused by thoughts such as:
The past: “I wish this never happened / they never did that.”
The future: “I hope that doesn’t happen.” “When I get this, then I will be at peace.”

This is absurd, because the only time is Now. When the future gets here, it will be Now.

The past only exists as memory. Being in the Now – that is the path towards the end of suffering.

This watch is a tool towards being in the Now – every time you check the time, you’ll realise that the present moment is all we have. And our painful mental habits begin to unravel.

The Rules of the Game

This is a joint effort by the Three Monks – Wade of The Middle Way, Kenton of Zen-Inspired Self Development, and Albert of Urban Monk.Net. The watches are kindly provided by the coolest timepiece company ever – The Now Watch.

To participate –
1) Write a post as described above. You’re encouraged, although not required, to link to all three of the judges.
2) Contact any one of us, either by emailing, or leaving a comment in one of the judge’s posts.
3) You’re encouraged also to spread the word, tag your friends, and ask them to participate.
4) On 5 January 2008, the three judges will look at all the entries, pick the winners, and publish a list, so we can all share the links and traffic.
5) The results will be posted on 10 January 2008 on all three judge’s blogs. Winners will be contacted for mailing address details so we can send them to you!

Entries so far

Ben Lumley at The New Horizons Project.

Kris Vockler at Beyond Zen.

Corinne Edwards at Personal Growth with Corinne Edwards.

Isabella Mori at Change Therapy.

Paula Kawal at Journey Inward Coaching.

Liara Covert at Dream Builders.

David Bohl at Slow Down Fast.

Deb Estep at Deb_Inside.

Swami Nirmalananda Giri and ReddyK at the Atma Jyoti Blog.

Mary Jaksch at Goodlife Zen.

Takuin Minamoto at Daily Action and Natural Expression.

Robin at Reflections on Compassion, posted at Yogini Myspace Blog.

Karen Zara at Abaminds.

Jenny Mannion at Heal Pain Naturally.

Evan Hadkins at WellBeingAndHealth.Net.

Shawn Williamson at do you LIVE or simply EXIST.

Patricia Singleton at Spiritual Journey of a Lightworker.

Alex Blackwell at The Next 45 Years.

Akemi Gaines at Gratitude Magic.

Vitor Bosshard at The Fractal Forest.

CG Walters at Into The Mist.

John Torcello has also contributed an entry by email, Ive included it in the comments below.

Brightdays at Brighter Days for you and me!

Karen at Loving Awareness.

Krista at Lucid Amphibology.

Karen Lynch at Live The Power.

Andrea Hess at Empowered Soul.

Waters at Waters: The Last Thing I Wanted To Give.

Eric Grey at Deepest Health.

Stephen Hopson at Adversity University.

Em Dy at Pulse: Intention to Treat.

Iain Hamp at Follow Your Passions.

Rahul at Raw Speak.

Stephen Miracle at AltNoise.Net.

Pearl at Interesting Observations.

Mark at My Tropical Escape.

Matthew at Loving Awareness.

Daylle Schwartz at Lessons from a Recovering Doormat.

Charities Link at Charities Link.

Mihaela Lica at Pamil Visions eWritings.

David at Virginia Breeze.

Jerry Summers at Nothing Like Now.

Wishbone at Wishbone.

Arvind Devalia at Make Things Happen.

Jacob Share at JobMob.

Samir Bharadwaj at Samir Bharadwaj dot com.

A heartfelt thank you to all of you.