Spread the Love NOW! Group Writing Project Results!

Recently, together with my friends Wade and Kenton, we started a group writing project on the topic of compassion. And the results are in!

The project was sponsored by The Now Watch, which is still the coolest timepiece company ever. They provided six watches for us to give out to the six best participants.

The watches stand out amongst the market, simply because they carry a powerful message – to be in the Now. Most of our troubles come from unnecessary thinking – ruminating about the past, or worrying about the future. This unique timepiece reminds us, every time we look at it, every time we put it on, to bring our awareness to the present moment. And all our painful mental habits begin to unravel.

I’d like to thank all the participants – it must have been hard to participate with it being held in the New Year and Christmas Season. The quality of the entries was all high, and I wish that all of them could be winners. It was very hard to choose from them.

Still, we had to stick to the rules we made up, and in random order, here are the six winners!

The winners

A Sense of Equinity
Are some things too hard to forgive?
Compassion Begins with Myself
Compassion so Subtle its Sublime
The essence of compassion
Cultivating Compassion Through I Am That Thinking

Congratulations! We’ll contact you to get your details so we can send out the prize of a Now Watch to you right away.

(Thanks again to Luciano from Litemind for inspiring the project and his continued friendship.)

Thank you!

Thank you to all participants, we really appreciate your effort! Here they are again – all of them contain some amazing gems of insight and heart, and are well worth your time.

Ben L at The New Horizons Project.

Kris V at Beyond Zen.

Corinne E at Personal Growth with Corinne Edwards.

Isabella M at Change Therapy.

Paula K at Journey Inward Coaching.

Liara C at Dream Builders.

David B at Slow Down Fast.

Deb E at Deb_Inside.

Swami N and ReddyK at the Atma Jyoti Blog.

Mary J at Goodlife Zen.

Takuin M at Daily Action and Natural Expression.

Robin at Reflections on Compassion, posted at Yogini Myspace Blog.

Karen Z at Abaminds.

Jenny M at Heal Pain Naturally.

Evan H at WellBeingAndHealth.Net.

Shawn W at do you LIVE or simply EXIST.

Patricia S at Spiritual Journey of a Lightworker.

Alex B at The Next 45 Years.

Akemi G at Gratitude Magic.

Vitor B at The Fractal Forest.

CG W at Into The Mist.

John T has also contributed an entry by email, Ive included it in the comments below.

Brightdays at Brighter Days for you and me!

Karen at Loving Awareness.

Krista at Lucid Amphibology.

Karen L at Live The Power.

Andrea H at Empowered Soul.

Waters at Waters: The Last Thing I Wanted To Give.

Eric G at Deepest Health.

Stephen H at Adversity University.

Em Dy at Pulse: Intention to Treat.

Iain H at Follow Your Passions.

Rahul at Raw Speak.

Stephen M at AltNoise.Net.

Pearl at Interesting Observations.

Mark at My Tropical Escape.

Matthew at Loving Awareness.

Daylle S at Lessons from a Recovering Doormat.

Charities L at Charities Link.

Mihaela L at Pamil Visions eWritings.

David at Virginia Breeze.

Jerry Summers at Nothing Like Now.

Wishbone at Wishbone.

Arvind Devalia at Make Things Happen.

Jacob Share at JobMob.

Samir Bharadwaj at Samir Bharadwaj dot com.