7 Random and Weird Things about Me

One of the interesting trends in the emails I have received: people want to know more, not about personal development, but about me as a person. (It’s very humbling, thank you )

I must admit that I don’t want to talk about myself much, aside from using myself as an example for something I’m discussing, but there is a meme going around that challenges one to reveal seven random things about themselves. I also found that it is very enjoyable to read about the lives of other bloggers, so allow me to be self-indulgent here.

I was tagged for this theme by Chris Marshall of Martial Development, Patricia Singleton of Spiritual Journey of a Lightworker, and also by Paula Kawal of Journey Inward Coaching.

Describing me

It’s hard to really label me or put me in a box. I can’t even describe myself sometimes. Some say I’m the most mature guy they’ve ever met. Others say I’m a giant baby. I can be extremely driven – once I set a goal I really want, it’s on my mind 24 hours a day and I put every spare moment I have into achieving it. On the other hand, I’m a laid back person; most people say I look like I don’t have a care in the world. Some say I look 29. Others say I look 21. Some people say I’m very polite and soft-spoken, some people say I talk the most rubbish they’ve ever heard.

Movie Fanatic

I love movies. Favourite genre is horror. In particular, anything with zombies! A close second would be the action genre: slow motion action scenes, thousands of bullets, and lots of explosions. Lastly would be the martial arts genre. None of that flying around and fireballs stuff, I like them realistic. You know the names, probably – Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Bruce Lee, and some of the recent Donnie Yen vehicles were fantastic. (As you can probably guess by now, plot and character development don’t really mean anything to me.)

Marriage Proposals

I read that Maddox, author of one of my favourite websites, gets marriage proposals from his readers. I’m still waiting…

(warning: his website can be very offensive!)

A Happy Drunk

When I get drunk, there are two possibilities. One, I get very happy and hyper-active. Two, I get very mellow and start serenading the person next to me with some old-school RB, whether I know them or not. I usually go through both stages, come to think of it. I get hyper, then I get mellow, and then I fall asleep.

Meditation or Sleeping?

Many readers have asked me about my meditation habits. I do a mix of tonglen and emotional work. The strange thing is, I meditate lying down, and usually with a DVD on in the background.

If someone was to walk in on me, they would think I’ve fallen asleep while watching a movie. It’s very unorthodox, and I’m not sure if it works for everyone, so this is not a recommendation, it is just a personal quirk.

I can spend many hours in a row doing it, and my mind tends to wander and start daydreaming. This can sound strange, and traditionalists would probably kill me for meditating in this way, but having a movie actually helps keep me focused. If I actually open my eyes and watch it every few minutes, it stops me from getting bored during extremely long sessions.

My Wildest Dreams

Neil Sattin also tagged me a long time ago to reveal my wildest dreams. Problem is, my dreams are also my goals, and it’s already in my about page. It is basically to finish my psychology studies, and either start a counselling practice, or go into research and writing. There is a slow merging of western psychology and eastern thinking (Buddhism, in particular), and I really want to be a part of it. Many Buddhist texts, if you take away the flowery language, read like psychology manuals.

But that’s not very interesting, so let’s reveal my dreams from the past. A few years ago, I dedicated myself – hours a day – to the sport of boxing. Despite good natured teasing from my friends, I continued to talk daily about turning professional, or going into the Olympics. I never got that far, because somehow I achieved my goals in boxing before that (more on this in a later post). And a new passion – this inner journey – took over completely.

A Boring Final Point

This is not really an interesting or fun thing about me, but I was struggling to come up with seven, and this is something that has had me thinking for some time.

This blog was created to share the lessons I have learnt along the way. I am not a guru; I am not perfect; I am not teaching anyone anything.

I create content based on my own journey. For example: a few months ago, I was gripped by guilt for a memory that surfaced during meditation. So I analysed it, explored it. And once I have got a solid grasp on it, I share what I have learnt. This means that whatever I write works for me, but they might not be perfect or the best solution for everyone. That was fine with me, for it was just a journey. Mistakes are inevitable.

These days, however, I’m starting to get a lot of emails from readers saying I’ve changed their lives, and some are even basing some huge decisions based on my writings. This is the ultimate compliment; I feel extremely honoured. At the same time, it does create intense pressure on me, especially since I intend to fully market my blog in the future and reach a wider audience. No longer am I musing, putting my thoughts out there. Now I have to make sure my writings are as perfect as I can make them; and nobody is perfect.

I am taking nearly twice as long to write an article these days because I check and recheck to cover all possible angles and possible misinterpretations. Every detail of my life and character is being analysed, judged, interpreted and misinterpreted.

Because of this, I would like to reiterate: these are just the lessons I’ve learnt, and I am not perfect. Please take my writings from the angle I am writing from – just someone travelling alongside you, and not an authority.