What your ego is and how to stop it from obscuring your inner peace and unconditional love

The power of thought

The little black dot represents a thought. If youre like me and 99.9% of people on the planet, these thoughts come into your awareness constantly and uncontrolled.

Everything we do starts with a thought. Thoughts pass through the filters of the ego, and affect our actions. Our actions affect our habits. Our habits decide our character, and our character determines our destiny. So: The filtered thought results in all the insanity.

There are a few broad types of thoughts that I am aware of: Random and conscious.

Random thoughts just pop into your head. They are triggered by many things, such as something happening in your outer world, a memory of a past event, something you predict in the future.

These range from the harmless Oh I wonder how my old high school friend is doing? to the thoughts that keep you awake at night. Those force you to relive your sorrows, worry about your future, or defend yourself mentally in an argument that is already in the past. Unchecked, these are the thoughts that lead you into depression, rage, and other such conditions.

Then there are thoughts that you consciously produce: these are the thoughts that you use when you work, when you plan, when you act. These are the thoughts that direct you to put your hands on the mouse and scroll down, and so on.

What I know for sure is the thought regardless of origin can mean the difference between heaven and hell.

How the thought takes you up to heaven or down to hell

Heres what the thought should do. It comes in, and goes out. Plain and easy. Good thought, bad thought, it doesnt matter.

If we can keep it like that, it doesnt matter if we can overcome the ego. By not reacting to the thought and letting it float past our consciousness, the thought doesnt do anything, even if it is warped by our filters.

It comes in; we reap the benefit, and let it go out. Yes, every thought is for our benefit, even if you dont see it that way. For example, thoughts of past pain that compulsively springs into your head, is trying to protect you from similar pain happening in the present or future.

It is the way we handle these thoughts that make them painful or not. If we let the memory float past our consciousness, it might remind us for a brief moment of a mistake we made and prevent us from making the same mistake again. Thats fine; it has served its purpose, and hasnt caused us any pain.

This passing through is standard for some of our productive thoughts. Great article Use mouse scroll down read more donate money. (Joking, joking!)

Do you focus on this thought? Does it occupy your mind? Do you think about scrolling down using your mouse everyday as you drive to work or as you lie in bed at night trying to sleep?

Why not? Because it doesnt involve the ego, and there isnt much emotions involved. It is just a plain old boring thought in fact every thought is, until charged by an emotion, or filtered through the ego.

This instant passing-through should be the same for all thoughts. But it isnt.

Because of the ego and the emotions involved, there is something inside us that makes us want to focus on the others The bad memories, the worries for the future, the arguments and the fights.

So we use the magnifying glass of our focus and we zoom in on that thought.

And that is where the pain begins.

As we zoom in on it, the little thought cant slide off our consciousness. Its like putting an upside-down glass over an insect. The magnifying glass holds it there and expands it.

Now it takes up a huge portion of our consciousness. It takes a grip of us. It occupies so much of our consciousness we cant function properly. We all know what this feels like.

It is painful because you dont know that its the ego. Most people on this planet are like this. We dont know any better. The thought, the memory, the fight, the role, the argument, whatever weve focused on, controls us completely because it has taken up so much of our awareness that we simply dont know that its merely a thought. Weve become so identified with the thought that weve become it.

Think back to all your unhappy moments. Does this not ring true? Depending on how big youve magnified the thought and how long its been held there, you might get grumpy, lose sleep, pick a fight out of nowhere, go into a rage, smash walls, go into depression, or kill yourself.

And the worst part of magnifying any thought is that it leaves an imprint on our psyche, even after we stop.

In the picture above, weve let the magnifying glass go. The thought has continued moving and has gone. But its already left a faint impression; you can see the black mark vaguely there. And each time similar thoughts pass under it, the blotch gets deeper and more defined, until it becomes deeply entrenched in our awareness.

If its that simple, then why isnt it normal for everybody to just let the thought pass by? Or rather, what is the ego trying to do in trying to hold on?