What your ego is and how to stop it from obscuring your inner peace and unconditional love

Dont make yourself wrong

When I first found out about my ego and how much pain it was causing me, I began to demonise it. How could I, or it, have been so insane? How much suffering could I have avoided? How can I destroy it? I hate it! I should never have had an ego!

What does that sound like? Does that sound like the core speaking? It isnt. Whos talking? The ego. Do all those complaints not sound like exactly everything weve been talking about? The ego was complaining about a past that doesnt exist. It wants to make sure the future is peaceful yet the future doesnt exist. The only time we can be peaceful is now, because now is all that exists.

Be aware of this trap. There is nothing to be scared of; the ego is not wrong. Making yourself wrong for having an ego is only more ego. There is nothing to fight. Fighting your ego is more ego. Simply recognise the ego every time it tries to kick in, and let the thought go pass.

All you can do is to be conscious and by that I mean you are aware of the ego. Be aware of the filters the thoughts pass through, and realise that it is causing you to behave that way, or think those thoughts. Most of all, be aware of the magnifying glass that you are putting on each thought. Be aware that a part of you doesnt want to let it go.

Not surprisingly, modern psychology is recommending the same thing, just in different terms. As an example, read my anger management article, based on modern psychological practices.

Not all filters are bad for us, right?

At this stage, you can probably think of a few filters that have been useful to you. Some thoughts appear to be good. They produce emotions that feel great. Some beliefs make you powerful and rich.

Remember John, the broke businessman? A quick refresher: His thought starts out as: My business has gone bankrupt. That is a statement of fact. It is neutral, neither good nor bad.

After passing through Johns abundance filter, it comes out as My business has gone bankrupt, but thats OK, Ill be a millionaire again in a year.

The same thought through Vivians filter will come out as My business has gone bankrupt! Oh my god! What do I do? I will have to sleep on the streets! Nobody will respect me! I will lose all my friends!

Now what does this mean? Change your filters to get peace? But didnt I say that all filters cover up your true inner peace?

Well, yes and no.

The more aware of your filters you are, the more conscious you are. This gives you more control over thoughts that have passed under negative filters. Given practice, you can change your filters to positive ones that is the source of material power, and some great feelings.

But you have to distinguish these great feelings from the true peace that comes from your core. Feelings that result from filters will always have opposites.

A filter like this new girl I met is going to make me happy always has an opposite hidden somewhere. When she turns out to be someone different from whom you expected, the opposite comes into play, and the disappointment, arguments, and heartbreaks happen.

Does that not describe most romantic relationships, and indeed most sources of joy and pleasure, no matter what they are? There is always a chance of crashing and burning; and they usually do.

At the same time, it is also hard to have positive filters for every single situation that could pop up in your life. John might have a great filter when it comes to money, but how will he handle sickness? How will he handle heartbreak?