What your ego is and how to stop it from obscuring your inner peace and unconditional love

False and true joy, false and true love

True love, peace and joy have no opposite because they dont come from a filter. Your core has no opposite. It doesnt want anything, only the ego does. It doesnt identify with anything, so it doesnt get upset from any loss. It doesnt get upset by anything, for without any filters, everything just is. The thoughts have no filters to pass through, and without any filters, nothing is bad or good everything just is.

Again, be careful. If you are in pain, get out of it. If you are sick, go to a doctor. If you are in a fire, put it out! Im talking about psychological pain here not physical. Physical pain is always a sign that something is wrong. I have to throw this in, as Ive read some horror stories about how some people have taken this too far there was a teenage girl who died from being in the cold and somehow thought that being non-resistant to the cold will make it okay. That is not what Im saying here remember let the thought in, reap the benefit, and let it go. Thats all Im saying. If you are cold, your thought will tell you to go somewhere warm. Do it! But once you get there, let the thought go its in the past and there is no need to complain about it. Let the thought slide off your mind.

This isnt some spiritual fluff. If you read my stuff long enough, youll know I dont write about any old thing that I havent personally made work for me. Although I am not enlightened, this is something that Ive used to overcome negativity, from major depression down to minor irritations.

Can you see where true, unconditional love comes from? You cant tell yourself to have unconditional love. Telling yourself that you will love someone regardless of what he or she does will never work, for that is your ego talking. What happens to your unconditional love when your angel begins shouting and screaming, when he or she cheats on you, or when they take your credit card and max it out?

You are trying to control and wrestle with your ego when instead you should be bypassing it altogether. Fighting unconsciousness will only bring you deeper into it.

Without your ego, you want nothing. There are no conditions to your love. Nothing can make you upset, and stop loving them. There is nothing to lose. Love just is. Peace just is. Joy just is. There is no good or bad. Everything just is.

(Loving someone doesnt mean you can let them do whatever they want if someone is hurting you do something about it!)

True and untrue power

It is the same for power. You also have to distinguish between material power and spiritual power. Developing strong positive filters will give you much power in the material world. This much I can prove.

However, while I cant speak for spiritual power I am not enlightened yet I have a feeling that installing good filters will hurt you in the long run. It might be good for you temporarily but it entrenches the ego so deeply that it is a harder struggle to get rid of it.

An ego, no matter how positive, is said by many great spiritual leaders to an obstacle to your spiritual growth.