Have your say: Influence the Urban Monk

The Urban Monk is meant for you, regardless of the Who, What, Where, Why, When, and How.

I had planned to make the Urban Monk as universal as possible. I’ve stripped away the personal “me” as much as I can; my personal stories as a young urban male only come in to better illustrate my point.

Recently Slade, of Spiritual Blogging, kindly provided me with a blog review – and he mentioned that my site targeted hip, cool, young men, with a strong dose of spirituality. He said it was a good thing. But I wasn’t sure – I am a young urban male, and the Urban Monk name was meant to refer to me only. I didn’t want my readers to all become Urban Monks; although some posts will predictably be more applicable to people in who are my age and gender.

Bliss, Success, and Love are universal goals, and I planned to make this site an aid in your journey to get them. My posts up to now have mostly reflected the universal approach. You might be here because of the ego series (easily the most popular). Or you might have found me via the emotional mastery articles – clearing out anger, hatred, and sadness. These are the more spiritual and psychological “Monk” side of things.

But I haven’t gone into the Urban side as deeply: I don’t have much on Dating, Creativity, Masculinity, and Money, for example. I’ve delved into those subjects, but not extensively. Response has been great, but not nearly as fantastic as the “monk” side of things. So I’m re-considering it.

What I want to know is: What would you like Urban Monk to become? What do you want to see? What do you like and dislike? Do you want to see the Urban side, or should I focus more on the Monk side?

Once I am satisfied with the Monk side, will you stick with me when I delve into the Urban side? It will be a cycle – I will focus on one area then the next, forever keeping the balance.

Do you want to see more guest authors?

How about other types of content? I’ve had people approach me with offers to put their personal development videos on my site – would you guys be interested? Do you simply want to see stuff from me and me alone? (*update* Ive included a sample below)

What is your background? Age? Gender?

Also, with the series that I make, some of them can get quite long – the egoless series for example will span 5-6 posts I estimate. The gratitude series, on the other hand, are only in two parts (Part 1 and Part 2). Do I break it up – mix in some other articles, or would you rather that I finish it off before moving on?

Please leave a comment and let me know. Be as harsh and critical as you want – I’ve got a fairly thick skin, and it would only help me make the site better for YOU. If you would prefer privacy, you can also email me at albert(at)urbanmonk(dot)net.

I would especially like to hear from long time readers that have not yet spoken to me.


This is some of the new content that Ive been approached to include in my blog. Its a short two minute video, covering some very basic stuff compared to what I normally write about but some people might like the shorter time it takes to get the info, and also they might like video rather than reading. I do get a bit of money for this, but its only pennies and doesnt mean much to me if it doesnt make Urban Monk better for you guys.

Feedback? Maybe I should get a camera and do my own videos? But the women will just get lost in my dreamy eyes and not concentrate on what Im saying.