Status Update

Dum dum dum! It’s time for the dreaded UM.Net Status Update! The last time I wrote a post like this was about a year ago, and I was in a stage of my growth called the asshole stage. This post is a little similar, but don’t worry, this time I’m not an @$$ (I hope).

As mentioned in that older post, UM.Net is mostly a personal record of all the things I have learnt, and use on myself in my little exploration. This means that these articles and how they come across are very closely influenced by my progress and where I am inside.

Two things have been happening. For the past couple of years I’ve been living quite a contemplative lifestyle. For the past few months, this inward stroke (as the awesome Davidya calls it) has been ending, and now there’s a huge urge to move out into the world again. It’s been amazing. As within, so without, as the old saying goes, and I’m really seeing how true that is.

The second thing might be related – spiritual fatigue. I have been fighting it and trying to tough it out for weeks, not really knowing what it was. Recently I realised it wasn’t mental or physical fatigue, as I’ve been getting a lot of sleep and fresh air and it hasn’t worked. I think I just need a break from all this inner work.

I’ve actually written many posts but stopped myself from posting them. While hopefully the information in there is useful, the fatigue in them can be quite obvious. So, rather than put out some half-hearted posts, I’ve decided to go into guest post mode for a couple of weeks, and slowly refine these posts.

There are some very nice posts by some top quality writers in the personal development / spirituality world lined up. They’re a treat to read, I promise!

In the meantime, maybe there are some hidden gems in the archives?