Reader Discussion: Ask Me Anything You Want

Questions closed!

Its been a long time since weve done something like this, so here goes!

This post is plain and simple – ask me whatever you want in the comments: from the personal, to the silly, to the philosophical, to whatever. In fact, the sillier and fun-ner the better

The only thing I request – please do not ask anything related to mental disorders. I tend to get quite a lot of such questions, and the answer is always the same – stuff like this cannot be fixed on the internet in general. There is no shame in finding professional help.

A quick disclaimer: I’m just a normal guy. I’m not the Truth, I’m not an expert, enlightened, or whatever – and everything that I say is just the opinion of a guy with a blog (Which anybody can start, by the way. Just because someone runs a blog doesn’t always mean he or she is suddenly an authority of any kind.) This might defeat the purpose of having a “ask me” post, but hey who cares And if I don’t know, I will simply say I don’t know.

Also, if any questions are too big to be answered in the comments, they will be saved and made into blog posts in the future.