Apocalypse of the Blog Apocalypse

In the Blog Apocalypse a couple of months ago, I started a meme after reading about it in an online marketing manual. I thought it was a great original idea, little did I know that memes were running around the blogosphere all the time. But it was still a fantastic journey Ive read some funny posts, some beautiful posts, some heart warmers, some tear jerkers and Ive made a few friends along the way. Thanks you guys, this turned out way better than I had hoped!

All up, I counted about 100 plus trackbacks, and about 30 to 40 more that didnt track back to me but emailed me to let me know they participated. Im rounding it up to 200, and donating it to the Red Cross in Australia. I know a few readers didnt want me to donate to the Red Cross, but I emailed a few other organisations (to ask if I will get a receipt to show you guys) and all the others took weeks to get back to me, if they did at all. So I went ahead and donated $200 AUD (about $175 US) to the Red Cross.

I would also like to take the opportunity to ask a few questions. Ive got a couple of series planned out after I finish the emotional mastery series (and the one after that, compassion).

One of this is Mental Mastery. So far, Ive drafted a few sections: Catching our thoughts, thinking the way we want to think, recognising schemas and childhood events that has influenced us and how to get out of it.

What are your views on mental mastery? What do you want to see in that series?

I have a feeling it will be a very deep and involved series that looks at some possibly uncomfortable things. Not your typical self help blog stuff, so would it be something you would like to read? Im just doing a bit of reader research before I run off and write this huge series.