About me

The Urban Monk – a weird name, but it suits me. My passion is in exploring all areas of human potential. Growing mentally, emotionally, philosophically and spiritually; as well as training in boxing and martial arts led me to identify with monks. Still, we live in an urban environment, and in that area, I enjoy growing socially, financially, and well, have some fun like everyone else!

Educationally, I went to university and came out with a postgraduate degree in Multimedia and Web Design; currently running my own business in that area while pursuing a second career in Psychology and Counselling. I’m based in Melbourne, Australia.

My talents are teaching, nurturing, healing, and protecting. I hope that my musings in this blog can help you along your own path.


In my late teens, my life was a mess. I lacked street smarts and confidence; I was shy and highly sensitive. Physically, I was obese, asthmatic and clumsy, and I was an emotional cripple.

It contributed to a slow spiral down low self-esteem, a slowly degrading body, a series of horrible relationships, emotional dependence and clinginess and a career that I achieved a Master’s degree in but was slowly losing passion for. The final low was depression that came and went over a few years.


Somehow I managed to survive to my twenties when I suddenly discovered that I had been living in a nightmare and it was time to create the dream. No-one else could do it for me but me. I was a boy in a man’s body. I had to man up.

I had been whinging about my life and relationships when someone told me I was the cause of my own troubles – and that I had, in his words, “masculine deficiencies.”

It began a long journey; along the way I devoured an entire library of books in all areas of personal growth.

By the end of it, I rediscovered the passion for my web design business, I conquered depression and have found a measure of inner peace; my confidence and self-esteem grew immeasurably; I became deeply spiritual. I lost 40 kilograms in weight and spent years in martial arts and boxing. The blood, sweat, and tears turned me from a shy and quiet boy into a (still quiet) man who can walk into almost any room without fear.


I believe it was then I discovered my disadvantages were advantages. Why? Because: if I had all these at birth, I couldn’t guide others as well in developing them. I learnt everything from scratch, made every mistake there was to make; and now I can recognise the same mistakes in others and help them in overcoming them.

The little lessons I’ve learnt along the way I want to share with you right here in this blog.

Mission Statement

Heres my main mission statement for Urban Monk.Net. While I might review it occasionally, I doubt the main thrust will change even after 20 years.

To make as big a positive difference in the happiness, consciousness, personal power, and lives of as many people as possible, primarily through writings, interaction with readers, and recommendations. Maximise website traffic and profit without compromising the first statement, reader experience and benefit, and the authors honesty and integrity.

Sounds high-minded and snobby, but I mean it. Please read on to find out why.

Here are the supporting statements, as of 2007. They will probably change, although always for the better and always in support of the main mission statement. For example, free high quality articles may change to free high quality videos if I ever find a need for it. But I will never downgrade.

  1. Provide free high quality articles in any area of personal development I feel qualified to write about.
  2. Pour my heart into each article if even one person has changed their lives as a result, it will be worth it.
  3. To emphasize practicality, usefulness, and honesty I wont recommend anything Ive never used to good effect myself.
  4. To always improve myself so I can continue making a difference. The moment I stop growing, so does the site.
  5. Never sell out while I will recommend products and make money from these recommendations, I wont sell anything that I do not believe will make a big positive difference.
  6. And lastly, to make a sustainable living as a professional blogger.

A Brief Blog History

I initially began the blog with a 20% desire to help others, and 80% to cynically make the kind of money the A-list bloggers are making.

But as UrbanMonk.Net began to grow, I began getting feedback sometimes from email, comments, forums, or from other blogs. They talk about how Ive lifted them out of everything ranging from common stress to depression and inspired them to change their lives around. Thats when I realised Oh My God. I really am making a huge difference in lives. It really, really humbled me.

That’s when I began to switch. While it is still a goal to pay the bills, it is genuinely secondary. My primary goal is to reach and lift as many people as I can. Even if there is no chance for making a living, I would still do it. I know this is thrown around in mission statements everywhere, but this is a real passion.