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Basic information

Urban Monk.Net is frequently maintained, and is quickly rising to the top of the Personal Development, Philosophy and Spirituality blogs. It is very well ranked by Google for the extremely competitive keyword “Personal Development”. It has also already broken into the higher tiers of services like Alexa and Technorati. These sites are a rough gauge of traffic and blog popularity, respectively.

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Traffic and Visitors Information

All information below current as of September 2009 –

  • 50,000 60,000 views / visitors a month average, according to the official WordPress statistics package.
  • 150+ articles and pages, written with dedication to quality.
  • 5300+ daily RSS readers, according to

According to, my traffic comes from these countries (averaged from the past 3 months):

  • United States: 42.8%
  • India: 21.8%
  • United Kingdom: 6.4%
  • China: 5.4%

The blog attracts a reader base that is interested in improving any aspect of their life:

  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Social skills
  • Romance and relationship skills
  • Career and Purpose in Life
  • Breaking an addiction
  • Psychology
  • Spirituality

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Payment and Prices

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Package One Text Links

What you get: A text link on every page of the site, located in the sidebar.
Cost: $50 USD per month.

This package gives you a text based link on every single page of the website, including the main front page. Your link is placed under the Featured Sites section of the sidebar. You choose the anchor text (please keep it within 30 characters) and link URL and can change it at anytime.