• Thank you for wanting to contact me.
  • I respectfully emphasize that I cannot give out personal advice. While I am studying to be one, I am not a qualified psychologist and my material in no way replaces the personal attention of a professional. This website is a journal of what has worked for me, that is all, and it just happens to touch on some aspects of mental health. It would be unethical (and probably illegal) of me to give out personal advice. I hope you understand that my hands are tied on this one.
  • Tough times. Further, I appreciate that sometimes you are going through a really rough time, in which case I highly recommend a mental health professional. Most of these things cannot be fixed over the internet, and such emails will just be redirected to this notice. Im sorry, please understand there is nothing I can do.
  • Please do not send me your service, product, article, or website for promotion. These emails will be marked as spam. Again, I apologize for this but the sheer volume of such emails really does take an immense toll. Please consider advertising instead.

Apologies, I’ve removed my email because people have continually ignored the requests above. Its really very very draining, and so I apologize to those who have good reasons to contact me. And a BIG thank you to those who did follow these requests, I know there are many out there.